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Kaito Group

Due to the fact that our country Iran is developing in various fields, Kaito Group has put all its efforts to take an effective step in this direction and solve the internal needs of the field of electronic components.

Kaito Group is the largest importer of all kinds of electronic components, including:

  • Relay
  • Switching
  • IC
  • and types of capacitors

Kaito’s activity

This collection started its activity in 1369 and has become one of the main importers of this field in our country, Iran.

Considering the scope of its work, Kaito Group has offices in countries such as China and Japan and supplies the mentioned products in a completely specialized and professional manner.

Kaito Group is trying to import the best products in the field of electrical appliances to the country with proper commercial relations with China and Japan and have a proper management in its supply.

Kaito Group is the official and exclusive representative of electrolytic capacitor (jwco brand) in Iran.

✓ You can visit the store section to compare our prices and choose the models you need from our products.

✓ Choosing the most economical prices with the highest product quality is the most important priority of Kaito company in supplying electrolytic products in the country.

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